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This is a wonderful initiative that will give you the marketing edge you need, and deserve, to sell your humanely farmed livestock.

With the lack of a national standard identifying just what free range is, it has been left to industry to develop their own codes that will offer consumers the assurance they are looking for. Having your products endorsed with the Humane Choice certification will leave no doubt that your livestock are truly free range and farmed humanely, giving people confidence in the meat they purchase.

Humane Choice enables you to set yourself apart from 'feedlot free range' systems that allow huge stocking densities.

Please read the Standards and the Rules carefully to ensure that you comply and agree with the Humane Choice philosophy. The Standards are available from the menu bar of this website. You will also be required to sign a Licensing Agreement once your application has been accepted and a favourable audit report is received.

All facilities relating to the production of your livestock are to be accredited.  Stock will be checked for condition, feed, fencing, watering points and paddocks will be examined and farm records will be inspected for compliance with the Humane Choice Standards.

Each year you will be required to update your Food Safety Assessment (pigs  only) and undergo a desk audit of associated records and scheduled farm audits as per your Humane Choice agreement. 

Complete the application form below to get started.

Application Form  


Application Fee

To cover the cost of administration associated with processing your application, you will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee and renewal fee as it falls due.  The fees are as follows:

Small Producer - $55

Standard Application - $275

Annual Accreditation Fees

Small Producer - $880 (gst incl)

Producer - $1,100.00 (gst incl), plus audits at cost to Humane Choice, plus applicable per animal rate

Small Producers: Fees cover the cost of  inspections and desk audit per year as required by your Humane Choice Agreement for Small Producers. Follow up inspections in the same year will only be conducted if a problem is identified which requires further site investigation or there have been substantial changes to the farm operation and shall be paid for by the applicant.  Unannounced inspections will not be charged a fee.

Certified farms will enjoy the benefits of all promotions or advertising that Humane Choice employs. You will also be promoted on this website and sales inquiries will be passed on to all members.  You will also be licensed to use the Humane Choice Logo on package, promotional material, websites, email, letterheads and the like.

 The fee for small producers is $55.00 non refundable application fee and then $880.00 for one livestock species** and includes gst, 12 months membership, your farm audit and issue of your certificate. Please not that extra travel costs may apply for remote areas***.

Please speak to us to see if travel costs will apply to your application.

Producer: $1,100.00 (gst incl), plus audits at cost to Humane Choice, plus applicable per animal rate.  More information ...

Qualifying as a Small Producer

Humane Choice encourages and supports all free range producers and we have implemented the Small Producers program to ensure that small farms are also able to benefit from Humane Choice accreditation.  The reduced cost of the program is based on ease of access to the farm, shorter and less complex audits and reduced administration costs.  To qualify, you must meet the following restrictions on livestock numbers:

100  Sows

1000 Lambs

250 Beef Cattle

10,000 Layer Hens

 25,000 Meat Birds (produced per year)

You will still qualify as a Small Producer with higher numbers of livestock but will be charged a small fee per animal over and above the maximum stated above.

101 to 200 Sows - $4.00 per sow

1000 Lambs

251 to 500 Beef Cattle - $1.00 per head

10,000 Layer Hens

25,001 to  50,000 Meat Birds (produced per year) - $0.02 per bird

For example; if you have 150 sows you will be charged $880 plus 50 x $4.00 or $1,100

Egg producers that buy in eggs from other Humane Choice accredited farms will not qualify as small producers if the total number of eggs sold exceeds the equivalent of 10,000 layer hens.

Egg Producers that grade and pack eggs under contract for other producers will not qualify as a small producer if total number of eggs graded exceeds the equivalent of 10,000 layer hens.

Pork producers that buy in weaners will not qualify as a small producer if the total number of pigs sold exceeds the equivalent of 200 sows.

** An additional livestock species (e.g. pigs plus cattle) fee of $440 will be charged during the application process. ($660 for 3 species eg. pigs, cattle and sheep)

***Travel will be charged at 0.75 cents per kilometre after the first 50 kilometres, usually from a major rural centre or capital city.  Travel costs will be shared if more than one audit is to be carried out in your area at the same time.

Pre audit inspections may be carried out at the request of the applicant and at their own cost. An hourly rate plus travel expenses will be charged.


For producer inquiries contact:




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