Is It Free Range? Ask for PROOF! (Humane Choice Media Release)

16 May 2012 12:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Humane Choice has launched a new campaign in a bid to bring some clarity to the free range egg debate.  With Australian Egg Corporation hell bent on commandeering the free range market for its largest members and ignoring the consumer, the genuine true free range egg producers look like being put out of business unless there is some way of telling the intensive eggs from the real deal.

“There are two things that the industrialized producers will never be able to guarantee consumers and they are that their hens were grazed on pasture, and that they were given plenty of room to move and forage naturally as part of a sustainable farming system.  PROOF is an acronym for ‘Pasture Raised On Open Fields’ and that is exactly what our producers provide,” said Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer for Humane Choice. “We are encouraging all free range producers from all livestock systems to get behind this campaign and let the public know that if they are going to purchase free range eggs, chicken, or pork, they must ask for PROOF.”

Egg Corporation has employed every tactic possible, from scare mongering about having to import eggs to contemptible lies about nonexistent science supporting their proposed increase in stocking densities to 20,000 hens per hectare. There have even been outrageous claims of needing to feed the world with free range eggs and that without an increase in hen stocking rates, prices would increase to over $12 a dozen.  All this is just propaganda to secure the industry for those at the top of the ladder and sitting on the board of Australian Egg Corporation.

“The consumer is so confused and without a legal definition for free range, they are being taken advantage of and ripped off.  We need to sustain consumer choice and simplify this debate for them.  When buying free range eggs simply ask for PROOF.  Humane Choice certification will offer all the proof you need that your eggs are true free range,” says McCosker.