Legislate Truth in Labelling – ‘free-range’ must remain free to range (Humane Choice Media Release)

27 Apr 2012 12:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Animal welfare is intrinsically linked to farming practices and the ethics of the producer. Humane Choice has long been an advocate for farmers that are committed to a whole of farm philosophy where animals are not just viewed as a commodity; they are an integral part of the farm.

“The intensification of free range production does not fit with our philosophy or consumer expectations,” says Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer for Humane Choice. “Our farmers have worked hard to promote a free range alternative and this market has grown substantially over the past 5 years. They are now fighting to hold on to that.  When the industry peak body’s sole motivation is profit, how can we entrust truth in labelling to them that encompasses all our concerns and includes animal welfare, the environment and consumer rights?”

The Greens NSW have been pushing for a standard definition of free-range eggs and measures to stop unscrupulous producers falsely claiming free range status. Humane Choice supports such a move and encourages anyone that believes in truth in labelling to get behind this Bill and let their local member know that they must be heard on this issue.

There is a growing movement of ‘back to basics’ farmers that want to produce food, not just a commodity. They want to embrace community, old fashioned human values and farm their livestock and land with respect.  If you would like to learn more, join Lee McCosker on the 7th May at Leichhardt Town Hall where she will speak about the issues important to free range pastured egg producers and consumers alike and what you can do to support them.